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Back from Cuernavaca!

I’ve been meaning to write about my trip to Cuernavaca but I came down with a cold/stomachache. I spent most of this week concentrating on feeling better and preparing for my final exams. The other day Taurin cooked a huge pot of spaghetti and he stewed half a bottle of good red wine in the sauce. It was amazing and we ate it all in two days. He also got me this fluffy little bunny on the way to classes (anybody else have a robo.to account?).

Yesterday we walked to the local farmer’s market and we got some black berries, mangoes, and plantains. Sometimes fresh air and good food is all we need when we’re feeling under the weather!

(Above: mamey, naked pineapples, and crispy chicharrón)

Other than being a bit sick, my weekend was really nice. Yego invited a bunch of us to stay at his vacation house in a quiet little neighborhood in Cuernavaca. BBQ parties by the pool all day long!




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