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Hello there! My name is Sewon, and I am a story collector from the San Francisco Bay Area. Maps + Fragments houses photo memories of my journeys to places near and far and a growing book of inspirations.

If you have any questions, please take a look at my FAQ.
For any other inquiries or to say hello, you can send me an e-mail at collectingmaps@gmail.com.

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P.S. Thank you for the encouragement: Kelly Zarb Style (Aug. 2013), Vociferous Magazine (Jan. 2013), My Life As A Magazine (Jul. 2012), Bonjour Juliette (Feb. 2012), Jenny’s Blog (Feb. 2012), Kelly Zarb Style (Jan. 2012), Crafty Love (Jan. 2012), Feedgeeks (Jan. 2012), Le Petit Bruit (Nov. 2011), My Life As A Magazine (Nov. 2011), There Is No There (Nov. 2011), Walk On The Wild Side (Sept. 2011), Melon Soda (Sept. 2011), Bonjour Johanna (Aug. 2011).

9 thoughts on “About Sewon

  1. Hi Sewon! I discovered your blog through Elle Victoire’s blog which I’m a loyal reader of. Love your stories and pictures, and your life seems very interesting, travelling to different countries! looking forward for more posts :)

  2. just saying hi! our internet paths have crossed many a time, but get tangled sometimes. i don’t know why but i hadn’t checked in in a while and was so happy to find beautiful photographs of your latest adventures. following you on twitter now!

  3. hi. I just found your blog and I love it. I love to see all the pics in your blog and your blog has a lot of food and tons of inspiring things. I’m going to read more about your blog. I just glad that I found your blog. following you on twitter and bloglovin .
    have a great day!

  4. Hola Sewon, avabo de encontrar tu blog y me encantan tis fotos!
    Lei que sabes español asi que decidi escribir en este ifioma, (mi idioma materno), ya que mi ingles no es muy bueno y los traductores no son muy exactos.

    Tus fotos son una gran inspiracion! Pasare por aqui muy seguido!

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