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Toon, So, and Yo go onstage, Bangkok, 1992

Volcano at dawn. Stromboli. ltaly. 1996
“Faulkner wrote about one tiny community and he wrote around 25 great novels and many short stories. They are always set in the place he loves. It has an invented name, but it is a real place. It is all based on what he knows. I always fought strongly against traditional documentary photography. It has changed, but in the 1970s it was always strong white men going to India, making exotic pictures of something they have no idea of. I always felt that I have right to photograph only my own tribe or people, when I travel, to whom I get close to and that I gave something to. I never took pictures with a long lens, it is always short and I have to get close to people I photograph.”

From an interview of Nan Goldin by Adam Mazur and Paulina Skirgajllo-Krajewska

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