Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap

I’m currently in Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap. The day after my family left for Virginia, my partner Taurin and I took a bus down here. It rained so much on the way, but the weather’s been holding up for us. We wandered around for hours visiting traditional houses in the hanok village. The Jeonju locals have been extremely friendly, and we’re finding the city easy to navigate.

A pencil pouch, a 3-month planner, a pair of socks, a travelogue, and a postcard.








I was really excited about the sunflowers!

Colorful traditional handmade paper.


A quick video I grabbed of the traditional paper-making process.





The bean-sprout soup is a Jeonju specialty. First, scoop up a couple spoonfuls of the scorching hot broth into the small bowl with two raw eggs. Crush up some crispy seaweed into your soup and begin!

Now that we’ve eaten several bowls of bibimbap and eaten numerous bean-sprout dishes, we’re looking forward to our trip further down south to Busan. Coincidentally, my friend Mika is also traveling there from Japan!

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, I was so hungry both times we ate bibimbap that I didn’t get a single photo!

22 thoughts on “Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap

  1. i can’t believe i forgot about the traditional handmade papers. i wasn’t able to view the process when i visited, but the papers are so fine. all of your food pictures are making me salivate, too. they put my ramen to shame.

  2. Oh my, the cat looks exactly like my childhood cat, Rocky. Gah. (sigh)

    I like what you did with your hair. Now I want to do that. haha.

    I am the same way. Many times I get so hungry that I don’t bother with the picture taking. Enjoy life. :o)

    • Aww I want to see photos of your cat! And yeah, sometimes I don’t mind not having had captured a moment just because I was enjoying it so much.

  3. that video was truly amazing + entrancing. thank you for this. such a nice getaway.
    oh i had a bibimbop craving last week that made me search all over town for to find the closest / most convenient place i could get some. it led me to a japanese couple’s tiny deli in the back lobby of some old building. they were the sweetest old couple. some how i ended up getting the bulgogi because that’s what he wanted me to eat… for some reason. lol but i guess i must go back there so i can get my bibimbop fix.

    • I was on my way out of the workshop, but I was glued to the window watching them make the paper. Let me know if you want some Korean food recommendations around New York. I know a few places!

  4. You’re just adorable and I love these photos, esp the last one. I like seeing all that traditional roofing.

    I love that pencil case, but those socks are kind of scary LOL. But awesome nonetheless.

  5. God these photos are beautiful. Scrolled through your blog and what, MORE amazing photos!! These definitely make me very wanderlust and itching to travel; you are so lucky to have so many adventures everywhere! Following you now as I can’t wait to see more :)

    Also, what a coincidence about kunming! I agree it is a beautiful place, it was a very welcome, peaceful change from the hustle bustle of canton. I only wish we had stayed longer!!

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  6. ps. this is a post worth revisiting over and over again as there is waaayy too much awesomeness going on here. and i forgot to say, i love your outfits and that necklace is great!

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