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Kaleidoscope Days


I’ve been so consumed with living out each day, I didn’t even realize how much I’ve been traveling until I sat down to organize all my photos. There’s always something so calming about taking a moment to reflect and remember that we’re all on this amazing journey.

Here’s to kaleidoscope days that constantly change, daily mindfulness, and a small homage to travel essentials that make a world of a difference.

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Tips & Guides

Wedding Planning Q&A


Planning our wedding was a huge project. As someone who loves to stay organized, I had a special folder for bookmarking resources, Google Documents/Spreadsheets for compiling details, and an abundance of pins on my Pinterest. One of the most helpful tools was reading stories of actual weddings and gathering advice from other married couples about their experience.

A few weeks ago, Stephanie from Borrowed & Blue, the online planning resource for San Francisco weddings, came to me to ask all about my wedding planning experience. In case this helps for others planning a wedding, I decided to participate and take some time to answer Stephanie’s questions.

Here’s my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

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California Daily Life

My California Redwood Wedding

Sewon + Taurin 2015

On July 4th of this year, I married Taurin–my best friend and adventure partner of nearly ten years. We reserved a meditation retreat center on 104 acres of land, with houses and cabins tucked away in the majestic Santa Cruz Redwoods. We envisioned a laid-back, three-day gathering in nature for our loved ones traveling from afar.

We couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire weekend, even when my eyes were welling up with tears at the rehearsal. Our guests had traveled from all over the coast, across the country, and from the other side of the globe–Korea, China, Singapore, Turkey, and Mexico.

I couldn’t believe how lucky we were–to have so many of the people we love in one place, smiling back at us.

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